Hedley Joins Charity Challenge


TrophyKart Australia today announced that Kristy Hedley will be joining the growing list of off road racers taking up the challenge of driving the mini machines at the inaugural TrophyKart Celebrity Charity Challenge on 27-28 April 2013.

1679b_sm Kristy will pitting her wits against the likes of Matt Hanson, the current Australian Off Road Champion, past champions of Shannon Rentsch and Dave Fellows and fellow Trophy Truck drivers in Brad Gallard, Beau Robinson, Billy Geddes, Chris Western and Danny Brown, all agreeing to take part in the inaugural TrophyKart Celebrity Charity Challenge. Evening out the Trophy Truck field and stepping out of their Pro buggies will be Chris Coulthard, Danny Auricht, Danny Orr and Brad Prout all ready for the challenge of driving a TrophyKart RS450.

1679c_sm The second generation racer, Kristy comes from pedigree off road stock with both parents, Ian and Jan Hedley, long time and successful campaigners; well known on the national circuit in the 80’s and 90’s. More recently, the family team regularly nominating the four-car Hedweld Engineering team at New South Wales events.

Kristy won her first off road event title in 2012, taking outright victory at the Wittitrin 300 in her MickleFab Extreme 2WD Trophy Truck. She backed that up later in July when it was announced that she was the recipient of the CAMS Women of Australian Motor Sport’s Junior Development Scholarship, commented at the time “ultimately, my goal is to race in the Dakar Rally.”

Kristy explained “I am very excited to have the opportunity to race with some of Australia’s most talented drivers. I’m also very proud to be representing, not only women in off road racing, but women in motorsport at this event. Go the girls. I’m really looking forward to it.”

1679d_sm TrophyKart Australia’s Rick Bramley continued with “we are thrilled to have Kristy on board for the charity event. I’d also like to announce that Canteen for Kids will be the beneficiaries for the weekend, with all proceeds going to the worthy charity. On top of that, we will also have WinTV from the Riverland and 4WD TV from Channel 44 there to take the action back to the lounge rooms.”

As part of the fund raising for the weekend, there will be an auction on Saturday night at the Loveday Motorsport Park venue with some rare memorabilia on the table. The night will also comprise unique and interesting ‘games’, all targeted at raising money for Canteen for Kids.

“We will also be producing a DVD from the weekend, which should have some great footage. These drivers are used to pushing their big machines around, so to see them handle the TrophyKarts will be a spectacle in itself” added Bramley.

The action will take place at the Loveday Motorsports Park on 27-28 April.

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