Brian Deegan and Octane Academy Talk TrophyKart

“The General” Brian Deegan put Trophykarts to the test during the Octane Academy team trials. Todd Richards as host of the show, gets the details about Brian’s Metal Mulisha TrophyKart and founder Nester Berardi tells all. Check it out!


What’s Octane Academy?

Motorsports kings Ken Block, Brian Deegan, Tanner Foust and Vaughn Gittin Jr. have each handpicked eight die-hard fans to compete in a series of personally designed, rough-and-tough challenges: snowboarding, high jumps, backflips, drifting, rally racing, obstacle courses and more.

Four finalists will drive home a new ride from Ford, but they’ll have to duke it out in a “battle royale” for the ultimate prize: a Ford Racing experience of a lifetime.

With Todd Richards, a primed athlete of the snow and half-pipe, as host, and a boss group of extreme drivers, get ready for screeching tires, bruised egos, grit, grime and victory.

Tune in Mondays at 11p ET/ 8 PT on 

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